5 Common Reasons for a Recovery Call Out

January 31st, 2019

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What could be worse than ending up stranded on a cold winters day with a poorly car, when you just want to be home in front of the fire? This is why it pays to have your vehicle properly checked and maintained. There are several things that can go wrong with your car, which consists of complicated mechanical and electronic devices. There are some common causes of breakdown that mechanics come across on a regular basis, many of which are easily avoided.

1. Batteries

One of the main causes of breakdown is a flat or faulty battery, leading to ominous silence when attempting to start the engine, or even a grinding sound. Signs that this problem is imminent include a slowing down of the engine turn over. Also the red light indicating the battery on your display could begin to flicker during driving or take time to fade once the engine is started.

2. Alternators

The alternator keeps the battery charged by using power from the engine, failure of this component means a flat battery, even if the battery is new! You know you are about to have problems in this department if you encounter a battery warning light that is flickering, dim headlamps and dashboard lights or sluggish windscreen wipers.

3. Starter Motors

Maintenance checks will help to avoid problems with a starter motor, as the only real warning sign is when the engine won’t start!

4. Tyres

It is always wise to carry a spare wheel in your car or a temporary repair kit in case of punctures. Lack of adequate air in the tyre will cause it to overheat, and a tyre that seems to frequently need air could have a valve problem or a slow puncture.

5. Electrical

The complexity of modern vehicles means we more often experience electrical issues that are not the simplest to diagnose at the roadside. A common symptom of electrical problems is erratic behaviour, and sometimes a restart as with a computer is worth a try.

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