Speedy 24 Hour Response Vehicle Recovery

November 18th, 2017

Vehicle Recovery Service, Repair & Servicing, Collection & Transportation Services, Essex & Greater London


Welcome to Allied Vehicle Recovery, our new website is now up and running, detailing the customer focused service we offer in and around all areas of Essex, Greater London, Kent and more. Most people need a fast 24 hour response and an affordable recovery service, and that is just what you get with Allied.

We strive to be with you in less than an hour, perform repairs onsite if possible and get you back on the road. If we are unable to do this we can transport your car, van or minibus to our own facility for repair, or alternatively a location of your choice including the vehicle’s main dealer. We are also able to provide a hire vehicle so that you can continue your journey if need be.

There are a variety of reasons for vehicle breakdown, and we have found the most common are:-

  1. Faulty or Flat Batteries – This is one of the most frequent problems for drivers, especially in the colder weather. A faulty battery should be picked up on by the garage during a service.
  2. Lost Keys – Are another cause for a call out, try to keep a spare at home if possible.
  3. Damage to Tyres and Wheels – It is important to keep on top of the health of your tyres, either check the tread yourself or take the vehicle to a specialist centre.
  4. Alternator Issues – Battery problems and dim lights etc could indicate a faulty alternator, if the ignition warning light comes on along with a rise in temperature, do not start or drive the car.
  5. Failed Starter Motor – Regular servicing should identify an issue with your starter motor.
  6. Wrong Fuel in Tank – Oops! This happens quite a lot!
  7. Clutch – Clutch cables can break as they are under a lot of stress.
  8. Worn or Broken Spark Plugs – These need to be checked regularly.
  9. HT Leads Deterioration – Yet again regular servicing should ensure this is not a problem.

At Allied, our expert mechanics, service and repair our own large fleet of hire vehicles, and offer the same excellent service to customers. If you need to hire a vehicle, we have a wide range of high quality cars, vans, minibuses and trucks for hire at reasonable rates.

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